Troubleshoot Your Electrical Problems

Troubleshoot Your Electrical Problems

Call On Us For Electrical Repair Services in the North Adams and Milford, MA area

Does your breaker keep tripping? Are your lights flickering? Do you have outlets that have stopped working? Peter Milesi Electrician can troubleshoot and repair all your electrical issues. Whether your wiring is damaged or your breaker box isn't up to the task, you can rely on us for electrical repair services.

Arrange for residential or commercial electrical troubleshooting services. Call us today at 413-652-2543.

Upgrade Your Outdated Electrical Panel

Keep your family safe by staying on top of your electrical system maintenance. If your panel is outdated or overloaded, we can install a new one.

Signs that you need to upgrade your panel include...

  • Frequent circuit trips
  • Flickering lights
  • Appliances that aren't working
  • Your system is so old it uses fuses

Upgrade your home or place of business by installing an up-to-date electrical panel. We can perform electrical troubleshooting to see if you need an upgrade.

Call us today for dependable electrical repair services in the North Adams and Milford, MA area.